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  • Virus Malware Removal Your Computer Guy

    Virus and Malware Removal

    Virus Removal Can Be Tricky What exactly is a virus? The easiest way to explain it is a program that causes damage to your computer, was installed in a sneaky way without your permission and makes unwanted, harmful modifications. Basically, it’s “malicious software”, hence the term ‘malware’. In the last couple years most viruses can […]

  • Data Recovery Virginia Beach | Your Computer Guy

    Data Recovery

    Data Recovery is a Combination of Art and Tech Losing your data is not like losing your lunch money.  It can be a monumental problem.  It can make a grown man cry.  In all seriousness, it can be quite devastating. FAST Diagnostic! Bring in your hard drive and do a quick analysis. We can let […]

  • Computer Repair Virginia Beach Tuneup Cleanup

    Computer Tuneup

    Your Computer Used to be So Fast. Right? Get that super slow computer tuned up! When your computer is very, very, very slow you may feel the urge to toss it out the window.  Please don’t!  That would make it much more difficult to repair. Give me a call.  There could be several reasons resulting […]

  • Mac OS X Mavericks | Mac Repair Virginia Beach

    Mac Repair

    We Know You Love Your Mac When your Mac is running at it’s best it’s easy to brag about it. But even Macs (iMac, MacBooks, etc.) run into problems. Mac Repair takes specialized knowledge and training and in some cases special tools are required to get the job done right. That’s where Your Computer Guy […]

  • Laptop Screen (LCD) Repair Virginia Beach | Your Computer Guy

    Laptop Screen Repair

    Laptop Screen Repair Makes Sense in Most Cases Just a few short years ago the high cost of LCD screen replacements for laptops made replacing them a less likely option. Now these screens are very cheap. Especially the newer LED LCD screens. Sometimes we can get them for as low as $59. That truly does […]

  • Network and Wireless Network Issues | Your Computer Guy

    Network & Wireless Networking Issues

    Networking and Wireless Networking Issues Resolved Quickly Just a few short years ago you probably only had one or two computers in your house. Now, you might have computers, wireless printers, game systems, smart TV’s, network connected blu-ray, iPhones, iPads, wireless cameras and you name it. Whether you need to setup your entire network or […]

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