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David Corley – Owner

David Corley Your Computer Guy Virginia BeachI’m David Corley, Your Computer Guy. Of course, I haven’t always been

Your Computer Guy.

I am originally from the Gulf Coast area of Texas (Galveston County). When I was in the Navy I had the privilege of being stationed at the Little Creek Amphibious Base and I fell in love with Virginia Beach.

I have always been into computers as a hobby and after being honorably discharged from the Navy I went school for Computer Science at the University of Houston. This was after going through Certification Courses. I quickly learned that programming was not my thing. I just couldn’t see myself being a computer programmer.

My wife and I made the decision to move back to Virginia Beach in 2004. One of the best decisions we ever made!  We absolutely love it here. I was working for the Geek Squad and really loved helping people with computer problems at their homes and businesses. Although I believe that overall the Geek Squad and Best Buy is not an evil company I fundamentally disagree with their business model. Make as much money off each individual as possible first and help them second.

Fast forward a couple more years to 2006. I ‘accidentally’ started my business. At first I called it My Computer Guy. I ran a cheap, tiny ad in a small phone book. I was getting calls right away. The next year I changed the name to Your Computer Guy and ran a bigger ad. To make a long story short I’ve helped many, many great people over the years.

I truly enjoy helping great people with bad computers, but first and foremost I’m a husband and father with a fabulous family. I’ve been married since 1999 to my loving wife Rebecca and we have two awesome kids. We currently live in Virginia Beach and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.