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Avoid Common Computer Problems

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If you protect your computers from Power Surges and Online-Threats while implementing a good Data Backup plan you will avoid many of the problems that affect millions of people and businesses everyday. You will also avoid the misery caused by these problems.
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Avoid Computer Issues

There are countless computer issues that can wreak havoc at a moment’s notice. What I have learned over the years is that many of these issues can be traced back to only a handful of causes and totally prevented in most cases.

I will refer to these core solutions as the Foundations of Computer Maintenance. Immediately putting these Foundations into place will solve or completely prevent computer disasters. These Foundations are Power, Security and Data Backup.

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In this 3 part series I will detail each of the Foundations and outline a good, better and best method that any user can implement to avoid common computer problems.


A power disturbance is a common occurrence that can result in many types of power related issues. In fact, power spikes, blackouts, brownouts can all cause major problem with your electronics, especially computers.

Basically, wall outlets are expected to provide a “consistent” flow of electricity. When conditions arise that raise are lower this flow it disrupts the physical power source of the computer. The actual electronic boards are loaded with transistors and capacitors that work on exact voltage value ranges. When these ranges are exceeded or not met for long periods of time it can lead to component failure. This failure can be gradual or immediate depending on the type of power flow disruption.

In this article I cover surge protectors, AVR’s, Battery Backups and provide some solutions you can implement today.
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Computer security is a very broad term with many detailed components. I will only focus on security software as a component of the computer maintenance foundation. With regard to physical security, it’s pretty much common sense to not allow anyone you don’t know access to your computer. It’s also a good idea and highly recommended to have a password protected user account (login).

Another component to physical security is a hardware firewall. This is built into the router and can be configured in a variety of ways. If you are interested in router firewall configuration detailed instructions for your router brand can be found online.

Security Software, often referred to as anti-virus or internet security software ideally should keep you safe from all on-line threats. However, as you may already know, this is hardly the case. In the past these online threats were classified into groups like viruses, adware, spyware, etc. Now all these threats are considered malware or malicious software and these threats evolve much faster than any security software.

In this article I cover different types of online threats as well as the different types of security software and give you some solutions you can implement right away.
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Data Backup

If everyone backed up their data the world would be a better place. On a serious note, it’s much easier to backup your data consistently than to try to recover your data in the event of catastrophe like a power surge killing your hard drive or a malicious virus destroying your data.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Data is the most valuable thing on your computer and other devices and you most likely have multiple computers with valuable data. This data can become quite difficult to manage let alone keep an up to date copy of your most important stuff. The true essence of data backup is having at least one copy of your data in a safe place. Ideally you’d have more than one copy and not keep all your data in one basket so to speak.

The goal of this article is to give you some options to start backing up your data right away. Some of these options are very simple and others require a small bit of technical know how.
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