New Fake Microsoft Scam Warning

Fake Microsoft Support Scam

For the last few years scammers have been calling people and falsely identifying themselves as ‘Microsoft’ support representatives. In almost every case the scammer would tell you that there is some problem with the computer that only they could fix. The fee to fix these non-existent problems ranges from $200 – $500 in most cases.  You can read here about what Microsoft says about these phone scams.

Most people believe these scammers want to steal information to break into bank accounts, etc. Although this is possible it is almost never the goal to steal your information.

The job of these scammers is to scare you enough into believing there are real problems with your computer and get you to pay the fee. Unfortunately, far too many have fallen victim to these scams and they have been wildly successful at ripping people off.

Evolution of the Fake Microsoft Scam

The scammers have now come up with a new way to scare you. They are calling people and telling them their ‘software license’ is about to expire. They proceed to scare with lies such as your computer will start working or you will be in legal trouble once your ‘software license’ expires. The goal of the scammer is now to get you to pay for the license renewal.

First of all, your actual Operating System license never expires. Secondly, Microsoft will never call you! They simply don’t have the time and resources to do this.

We have gotten several calls regarding this exact scam recently.  One of which was a law office client of ours.  When the scammer failed to get the user to pay the fee he locked the users computer with password.

So please, if you ever get one of these phone calls – HANG UP!!!! Or if you see a warning when you are online to call a special number to get a problem fixed – DON’T CALL!!!!

Please pass this info. along to any of your friends and family members that may not be aware of these scams.

Bottom Line:

  • Microsoft or any legitimate company will never call you and request money over the phone.
  • Never, ever, ever give remote access to a random person that calls you.
  • Ignore warning pages online that tell you there are issues with your computer.
  • When in doubt call Your Computer Guy! 757-375-6764

Have you ever received one of these fake calls? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I have recently had my computer locked with following warning.
    ‘your windows Microsoft computer has been blocked.
    windows system alert.
    call Microsoft certified technicians 888 886 3353 to unlock your computer”
    There was no way to close the page. turned off power to the computer and restarted OK.

    • This is very common Mr. Ogram. If the message comes back give me a call and we’ll take care of it.

  2. David,

    Yes, I have received such a call. I suspected something was not right and hung up. I have also gotten phone calls with similar message – i.e. something wrong with my PC and they could fix it. Hung up also.

    Thanks for the alert