Virus and Malware Removal

Guaranteed Virus / Malware Removal

Virus Removal Can Be Tricky

Virus Malware Removal Your Computer GuyWhat exactly is a virus? The easiest way to explain it is a program that causes damage to your computer, was installed in a sneaky way without your permission and makes unwanted, harmful modifications.

Basically, it’s “malicious software”, hence the term ‘malware’. In the last couple years most viruses can be considered extortionware because the sole purpose is to get you to use your credit card to purchase a fake product that does nothing.

The worst type of virus is called a rootkit virus. This virus can remain virtually hidden for a long time because it can modify and load at the boot-recored level and remain hidden during normal operation of the computer.

We have the ability to remove viruses virtually every time without reloading the entire Operating System and repairing the damage a virus can cause. Even the super nasty rootkits! Since proper Virus Removal requires a high level of expertise choose your computer repair service wisely. Choose Your Computer Guy!

Don’t Reload Your Computer!

In very rare circumstances a virus can do so much damage to a computer’s Operating System that the only alternative is to reload everything. However, this is a very rare situation. Don’t reload your entire computer! Call me first. You will save yourself a lot of time and hassle.