What is your data worth?

A Case Study for Quintin's Tea Emporium

Protect Your Data Before It’s Too Late

Quintin’s Tea Emporium is the best little tea shop in Virginia Beach. Lauren, the owner, is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and the entire friendly staff goes out of their way to help. So why would an Eastern European Cyber gang want to destroy this small business?

The obvious answer is the cyber criminals don’t even know about Quintin’s let alone care about this business. Their only goal is to produce extraordinarily destructive malware commonly referred to as “ransomware” to wreak havoc on the data and attempt to extort money to fix the problem they caused.

You see, Quintin’s was the unfortunate victim of a “Cryptolocker” type malware / virus that encrypts your data and provides instructions on how to buy the decryption key for around $500 (pricing seems to get higher with each new variant).

Luckily Quintin’s called the right person and I was able to get them back up and running within 1 business day. At first look it appeared that all of Quintin’s data including there entire POS system (including all inventory and customer info.) and accounting data was going to be unrecoverable. This would meant that they’d have to spend countless hours recreating all this data.

However, I was able to remove the “Cryptolocker” virus and eventually get the POS and Quickbooks running again to create a new working backup. Then I was able to restore this data to a new POS PC and have them up and selling great tea again.

Just recently Quintin’s had setup an antivirus and backup system through Verizon. Unfortunately, it was not setup properly and the data was not backed up to begin with. These newer advanced types of malware can almost effortlessly bypass many antivirus programs. The only true way to ensure your data is not compromised is to make sure you have working up to date backups. Ideally a cloud type backup like Idrive.com.

Cloud backup is very cheap now. I will be doing a post soon on the best options for cloud backup.

Are you currently using or thinking of setting up a cloud backup solution? Let me know in the Comments below.

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